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twlight_moon_rp Chiba Mamoru/Prince… - ☆ ♡ Genki Senshi PGSM ♡ ☆

About twlight_moon_rp Chiba Mamoru/Prince…

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Chiba Mamoru/Prince Endymion/Tuxedo Kamen- open
Luna - Open
Artemis - Open

The Sol System Senshi
Minako/Sailor Venus - Open
Rei/Sailor Mars - open
Ami/Sailor Mercury - Open
Makoto/Sailor Jupiter -Open

Haruka/Sailor Uranus - Open
Michiru/Sailor Neptune -Open
Hotaru/Sailor Saturn - Open
Setsuna/Sailor Pluto - Open

The Shitennou and Villians
Kunzite - Open
Jadeite - Open
Nephrite - Open
Zoicite - Open

Side note!
"I know the outers aren't in the live action but this is gonna be a AU Sailor moon live action so there for the Outer senshi are included in the rp! ^_^
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